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My Pal Ken Buchanan MBE

Jock Mcinnes MBE and Ken Buchanan MBE

Ken Buchanan, MBE, was born In Edinburgh on 28-06-1945 and is widely considered the greatest boxer Scotland has ever produced and one of the very best from Britain. Ken was born and raised in Edinburgh, where his family lived in a modest council house.

Ken has always said he would have won nothing without his dad’s support. Tommy, Kens dad, was at his son’s side every moment of the journey, which saw him become arguably Scotland’s greatest ever boxer. Tommy passed on at the age of 97, on the 7th July 2012 and Kens mum Cathy died of cancer, aged 51 in 1968. Ken often said, “I’m lucky because I had a great father and a great mother, so I have nothing to complain about.”

My own father, Bill, was a very good amateur boxer in his day and also served in the Army, like me, in the Black watch. He had boxed Ken as an amateur twice, but sorry to say he lost on both occasions. Ken always used to say he had some hard fights with my dad and he presented me with an original boxing poster from one of the bouts, which I still have to this day. He also gave me an amateur boxing record card with my dad’s name on it, which is now framed and hangs on my wall. My mum, Nancy, worked alongside Kens mum, Cathy, in Woolworths shop as a cleaner, so yes, our family ties go way back.

It was whilst serving, in the years 1985-86, as an assistant physical training instructor at the Scottish infantry training depot Glencorse, just South of Edinburgh, that I first met Ken. We have become great friends over the subsequent years leading to me writing a book about our friendship

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The Audio Version

Its been a long time coming but now I am pleased to say that my book "My Pal The Boxing Legend - Ken Buchanan MBE" is now available as a set of audio MP3 files. Those kind friends over at Strathearn Talking News took on the creation of the audio files from the paperback book as a new project. Strathearn Talking News are a charitable organisation in Crieff, Perthshire. There day job is to read the local paper into audio files and freely distribute the content to those that request the service. They have a number of experienced readers that helped me with this project and the files below are the result of all their hard work. Once again, many thanks STN.

You can listen to any of the Chapters of the book (Rounds) directly from the website, by clicking on the small arrow or you can download complete set of audio files (as a zip file) to listen at your leisure on your own device. Click here to download the Audio Book files

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Ringside Charitable Trust

For many years concern has been expressed for the countless boxing personnel who find themselves suffering from depression, alcohol dependency, injuries and illnesses attributed to boxing.

Ringside Charitable Trust, hope to change the way we care for our boxing family. The vision for the home is to include medical help, facilities for ex boxers to be cared for both short and long term, a cinema room for the boxers to watch films of their old fights and a non alcoholic bar where they can sit together and reminisce.

There is initial funding in place but the cost of sustaining the home is estimated at £1.5 million per year. Many boxers have entertained us over the decades, and many now need our help in hard times. This is our opportunity to raise funds for The Ringside Charitable Trust, a fantastic project to establish a thirty-six bed residential care facility which will be of enormous benefit to those who sadly have no means of support in dark times.  

You can make a donation to the Ringside Charitable Trust by clicking here and then following the instructions on the page.

Never Give Up

Some of the biggest names in British boxing came together to help raise funds for the Ringside Rest and Care Home Trust by recording this single "Never give up" at Abbey Road Studios.

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